Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A different topic for today

I was going to write about Alexander today, but a different topic has caught my attention. I smelled something odd in my hallway. It seemed to be coming from my brother Panda's room. His girlfriend saw me sniffing the air and immediately said someone must have turned on the oven. I know what an oven smells like and I know what a defensive reaction looks like. I verified this with my roommate, Fox. He confirmed I was indeed smelling weed. I am not opposed to marijuana use in general and support its legalization, but I certainly don't support using it on others' property without their consent, especially when I'm reading horror stories every day about people having their houses and such seized by the government as evidence every few days. The question is what to do? He hasn't been paying rent, and it was bad enough supporting his electricity-drinking, space taking ass. I'm certainly not going to cover for him as well. The question is what to do. I could take his room apart looking for his stash tomorrow while he's at work and possibly fidn naked pictures of his girlfriend in the deal, but I suspect she actually keeps the stach (and naked pictures) at her place. I think I shall have to drop hints.

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